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A world in which every baby at birth
stays in skin-to-skin contact with mother,
and can begin breastfeeding and bonding naturally,
and go on to establish a secure attachment relationship
for a better society.

Our aim is to promote the spread and implementation of
Skin to Skin Contact
as the standard method of care
for all newborn babies, both premature and full term.

This website is primarily aimed at health professionals, and parents wanting a deeper insight into the subject.
Our parallel website   www.kangaroomothercare.com provides the same information primarily to parents of pretrm babies, www.ninobirth.org provides essential information for every birth.

On this site you will find a science based synthesis of the neuroscience of optimal birth - WHAT IS SSC .  The key to this is Skin-to-Skin Contact (SSC), which is the safe place where the DNA, the brain and the body work best.  Breastfeeding, bonding and attachment are immediate next steps. This science is evidence based, with  REFERENCES.  There is a lot more science (what is known) than there is evidence (what has been researched in a trial), so I provide some information on my own  RESEARCH  into the research gaps between science and clinical medicine.Dr Nils Bergman

One of DR BERGMAN's passions is sharing this new knowledge, both through lectures (Grand Rounds, conferences, mentoring and courses), as well as through hands-on practical training in the neonatal and obstetric wards.  On the TOURS page are my confirmed speaking engagements and time availability. I am however always available on the FORUM, where I hope valuable exchange of information will happen.

The views expressed on this website (apart from the FORUM   Smile ) are those of myself only, and do not represent those of any organisation or body.  Inputs that will promote Skin-to-Skin Contact are however welcomed and will be duly acknowledged. 


December 2011 -- I have completed the primary and secondary pages, but will keep adding links and new information ongoing.
I am thankful for any comments to improve and correct, and also to enagage in discussion about what is correct in what I say! Contact me - Nils Bergman