Speaking engagements with contact details; and availability,

 February 2016    
 8th February 2016  Orlando, Florida  Nancy Mohrbacher
10th 11th February 2016  New York University MC  Aviva Kleinman
   available North America  
 16 17 February 2016 Junction City, Kansas  Kristen Noriega
   March 2016    
   available Europe  
 5-6 March  2016 LLL Ireland  Jan Cromie
   available Europe  
 10th March 2016  Seminar, Madrid, Spain  Isabel FdC
May 2016    Capers brochure
14th May 2016 Perth, Austalia, Australia  Jan Cornfoot
16th May 2016 Melbourne, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
17th May 2016 Sydney, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
18th May 2016 Brisbane, Australia   Jan Cornfoot
20th May 2016 Wellington, New Zealand   Jan Cornfoot
21st May 2016 Auckland, New Zealand   Jan Cornfoot
 October 2016    
        available North America  
 13th October 2016 Birthworks, Medford NJ  Cathy Daub
         available North America  
  November 2015    
 14th-17th November 2016   International Network KMC, Trieste Italy  































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