Speaking engagements with contact details; and availability,

 February  2015    
25th February 2015 Louisville, KY      website  Barbara Ruedel
 26th February 2015 Cincinnati Children's, OH     Julie Ware
 27th-28th February 2015  OLCA’ “Breastfest” conference, Ohio  Linda Smith
 2nd March 2015 Charleston VW   
 Cinny Kittle
 3rd March 2015  Columbus Nationwide Childrens  Jenn Goyna
 March 2015    
7th  March 2015 Doulas meeting, Madrid, Spain  Kika Baeza
11th March 2015 Albacete Hospital meeting Kika Baeza
12th March 2015 Madrid Spain Isabel del Castillo
15th March 2014 Madrid, SPAIN    kangaroula course  Montse Cob
18th March 2015 Stockholm, Sweden Eva-Maria Wassberg
19th March 2015 Goteborg, Sweden Eva-Maria Wassberg
 May 2015    
 19th May 2015  Neonatology meeting UNICEF, London  Liz Freeman
 20th May 2015  Maidstone & Tunbridge  Sarah Gregson
 October 2015    
        available North America  
 27th October 2015  NOMAS day seminar, Florida  Marjorie Palmer
         available North America  
  November 2015    
 18-20 November 2015  South African KMF Foundation Conference  Mitzi Franken































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