Speaking engagements with contact details; and availability,

October 2014    
10th October 2014 LLL SA Conference, Gauteng, South Africa  
12th October 2014 NOMAS International Symposium, San Francisco Marjorie Palmer
14th October 2014 Doula Association Southern califiornia Ida Reid
 16-17th October Evergreen Healthcare, Seattle  Jeanne Tate
20th-21st October 2014 MedstarWashington Hospital center Loral Patchen
 22nd - 23rd Oct Plattsburgh, NY  Janis Layn
24th October 2014 Buffalo NY Peggy Sheeran
 27th October 2014  available "nearby"  - East coast  
  November 2014    
 6th-7th November 2014 CPD Course Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Jill Bergman
 17th - 19th November 2014  INK Conference Kigali, Rwanda  Committee
 December 2014    
 1st - 5th December 2014  Advanced Mentoring Course Skin-to-Skin  Jill Bergman
 8th - 12th Dec 2014     optional work week  
 February  2015    
    available "nearby"  
 27th-28th February 2015  OLCA’ “Breastfest” conference, Ohio  Linda Smith
     available "anywhere"  
 March 2015    
   available "nearby"  
7th - 8th March 2015 Doulas meeting, Madrid, Spain  
 14th 15th March 2014  Madrid, SPAIN    kangaroula course  Montse Cob
   available "nearby"  
 May 2015    
 19th May 2015  Neonatology meeting UNICEF, London  































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